About Sandbox

What is Sandbox?
Sandbox Print & Design is a garment printing company offering both vinyl and screen printed garments. Most printers require a minimum order, normally in the double digits…not here, our minimum order* is 1! Yes, you can now get your own design on a choice of garment. This ‘low run’ service is also ideal for clubs, teams, clans, stags, hens, bands, pubs/bars and many other organisations and industries!

Why Sandbox?
Imagine a sandbox, a play area where kids are able to mould the world around them, only limited by the ability of the sand and their imagination. The term ‘Sandbox’ has come to mean an environment that allows free exploration and experimentation allowing people to sculpt the world around them, much like the kids do!

We feel there is no reason why everyone shouldn’t be able to mould their own image, to do things their way…your very own sandbox!

* Single garments only available with vinyl. Subject to design evaluation (number of colours, complexity etc). Minimum order required for screen printing. More details will be available via the Frequently Asked Questions (faq) section soon!