As well as the online shop we offer custom printing services, allowing you to get your own design on any number of garments.  If you want more information on anything on this page please get in touch using the Contact page.

Individual custom garments
Our custom service for individuals gives you the chance to get your hands on a one-off garment of your own design.  Many of our competitors limit you to using their own system to produce your design and the cost reflects this.  We don’t believe you should be paying any design costs, all we ask you do is follow some simple design guidelines and send us your design in a format we can work with.  Of course, if you need our help, we offer a design service at a very reasonable price.

All individual items are created using our flex or flock vinyl process on Gildan garments.  We feel the Gildan brand offers excellent quality and is our choice for our own garments.  If you have a separate garment preference or the type of garment you require is not available from Gildan we also supply other brands that may suit your need, just get in touch.

Multiple custom garments
Our multiple garment service is suitable for anyone looking to produce 4+ garments of the same design.  You are not limited to a single type or colour of garment with multiples either.  We provide both vinyl and screen printing* processes for multiple garments.

There is no cost for design services on multiples of 12 and over and we can also supply sample garments** with your design.

Commission structure
We will soon be adding a commission structure where you can earn money by allowing us to sell your design in our online shop.  Great for groups wanting to start merchandising without any hassle.  Drop us a message via the Contact page for more details.

Embroidery service
We currently do not offer an embroidery service.


* Screen printing requires minimum order.
**Pre-payment may be required.  Sample garments initially charged at full single price.  Discount for sample (difference between sample price and multiple price) will be deducted from the multiple order invoice.